Bida is the traditional headquarters of the Nupes, a people said to be descendents of Vgha Bn Nafili, who is believed to have migrated from North East-Africa to the Nubia and from there to Nupe land. The first effective Nupe dynasty was founded by Mallam Dendo, a learned Fulani Court Adviser, who rose to prominence and power after deposing the then Etsu Nupe, Majiya (1767 77) at Raba After Mallam Dendo's death in 1832, his Senior Son, Usman Zaki became the first Etsu Nupe in Bida until 1859.  Thus, Bida became both the political and commercial centre of the Nupes. Etsu Masaba and Umaru Majigi succeeded him one after the other between 1859 - 1873 and 1873 1884 respectively. Etsu Maliki reigned for eleven years between 1884 and 1895.
During the reign of Etsu Abubakar between 1895 and 1901, the British invasion through the Royal Niger Company became imminent and inevitable. Late Etsu Abubakar was exiled and Muhammadu Makun, Son of Umar Majigi was appointed Etsu Nupe. Succession in the three ruling houses continued after his death in 1916, until 1935 when Muhammadu Ndayako whose reign has been described as the most successful in
Nupe Land was appointed. When Usman Sarki, who came after Muhammadu Ndayako in 1962 abdicated, a semi administrative interregnum followed before the appointment of Muse Bello who died in January, 1975. Muss Bello was
succeeded by Alhaji Umaru Sanda. On his death on 1st September, 2003, Alhaji (Dr.) Umar Sanda Ndayako was succeeded by Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar as the 13th Etsu Nupe on 11 the September, 2003.Bide is the headquarters of Bids emirate and Local Government council. It is a city with ten entrance gates. The gates are: Ban Gaye, Ban Wuya, Ban Tuwa, Ban Gbogi, Ban Zhiwuru, Ban Gbara, Ban Yagi, Ban Malism Dendo, a learned Fulani Court Adviser, who   Etsu Yisa, Ban Ma and Ban Wunangi.


Bida emirate is on latitude 9006 N and longitude 6001E  on the Nupe sand stone formation. It is located 19kms  North of River Kaduna, along Mokwa Bida road and 86 kms South East of Minna, the Niger State Capital. The  town is situated in a valley and uses stream tributary of  Gbako River.

Atypical middle belt region, Bida emirate experiences  distinct dry and wet seasons The wet season, which  lasts for about 200 days starts from April to October.  Average rainfall is 122.7mm with July and September recording the highest rains of 226.3mm and 248 8mm  respectively. The weather at this time is humid.
The cold dry harmattan winds usher in dry season which gradually becomes hot between March and May, lust before the rains set in The monthly temperature is  highest in March at 313c and lowest in August at 26.0oc . Bida emirate is thus blessed with moderate climatic condition throughout the year.


Agriculture is the main economic activity of people of  Bida’s emirate. The Emirate is blessed with fertile land as well as streams and rivers which provide the people with irrigation.


The majority of the inhabitants of  Bida emirate are Nupes and predominantly Muslims by religion.


Bida emirate is blessed with modern educational institutions Apart from the numerous public and private primary schools; there are post pnmary institutions in the emirate. In addition, Bida emirate also has the following tertiary institutions of learning.  These are the Federal Polytechnic situated in Bida, the School of Nursing and the Bida Campus of the State Polytechnic, Zungeru. Bida also hosts the Federal Medical Centre while the school of Agric is located at Mokwa.


Telecommunication services including GSM mobile cellular facilities abound in every part of the emirate so also are ultra modern post offices


The trunk A road that passes from Lagos to Abuja passes through the emirate. All transport facilities, Taxis and Commercial buses are easily available for intra and inter town serwces


The Bida General Hospital now redesignated Federal Medical Centre has 413 beds capacity with modern operating theatre. Its services are comphmented by a number of maternity and child welfare clinics strategically located in the emirate In addition, several private hospitals and clinics also operate in all parts of the emirate. Niger State Government has also constructed a General Hospital in Bida, named after Umar Sanda Ndayako


Bida, the headquarters of the emirate is a bustling commercial town, since it is the main business centre for communities in the emirate There are numerous banking institutions in Bida and a hand-full of insurance companies for easy business transactions. An industnal layout with infrastructure like water, roads and electricity has been established and a three-year tax holiday has been accorded the would-be investors. With the recent discovery of large deposits of oil and gas in Bida Basin, an investment opportunity has again presented itself to multinational companies wishing to explore and open up the basin for petroleum products and setting up refineries or purchase of oil blocks.

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