Rt. Hon Speaker, Honourable Members, Fellow Nigerlites, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.
2. I am deeply humbled and privileged to stand here before the 10th Niger State House Assembly to present the 2024 Budget Proposal for scrutiny, legislative consideration, and approval. The 2024 Budget as we are aware will be the full estimate of this Administration which is geared towards the enthronement of a New and Sustainable Niger that is full of opportunities for all. It also allows me to acquaint you with our plan for the 2024 fiscal year.
3. Mr. Speaker, let me commend the 10th State Assembly on the timely confirmation of my Political Nominees and the Passage of the 2023 Supplementary Budget which demonstrates the commitment of the legislature to the development of this State. As a democrat and parliamentarian, I understand the importance of maintaining a harmonious working relationship with other arms of government. Therefore, our administration will continue to strengthen the existing synergy and collaborations between the Executive and Legislative Arms of Government to put the state on the path of sustainable development to achieve our collective objectives for the State.
4. The 2024 budget is a pivotal roadmap toward our shared vision for a prosperous future which is why we have termed it THE BUDGET OF FUTURE. This budget not only addresses the immediate needs of our great state but will also serve as the road-map for a visionary twenty-year journey embodied in Niger State Future Initiative. Our social contract with Nigerlites in our manifesto is to improve livelihoods, foster a sustainable economy, uphold good governance, and advance both urban and rural development which defines the essence of this transformative initiative. Therefore, let us together embark on a journey that paves the way for the golden era and sustainable future for all.
The Journey So Far
5. Mr. Speaker, distinguished Members, since the inception of this Administration on 29th of May, 2023, we embarked on transformation efforts for a New and Sustainable Niger to change the negative narratives and improve the quality of lives of citizens of the state. We thus embarked on the following:
1. The Groundbreaking of urban renewal projects in Minna and the Ring Road Project in Bida
2. Payment of 20% subsidy on 100 No trucks of fertilizers
3. Payment of counter-parts arrears to Donor Supported Projects in the State (such as ATAPS, NG-CARES, Value Chain Development, FADAMA, AGILE, Acresal Projects and others.)
4. Support to dry season farmers for the cultivation of 4,000 hectares of land
5. Procurement of 200 units of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses for ease of transportation
6. Repairs and fixing of 33no existing NSTA buses
7. Payment of N3.5Billion compensation on Minna – Bida Road
8. Repairs of Dr Abubakar Imam Kagara International Airport Minna
9. Hosting of the 1st Niger State Green Economy Summit to harness the green assets for the desired prosperity in the State.
10. Settlement of N600Million debt owed the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC)
11. Secured approval for the Establishment of the Niger State University of Education to increase access to tertiary education and scholarship
12. Payment of outstanding debts to WAEC and NECO
13. Conversion of Shiroro Hotel into IBBU Teaching Hospital(IBBUTH)
14. Procurement of more Equipment for IBB Specialist Hospital
15. Placement of Medical Students on Salary Grade Level 10
16. Engagement of 1000 Health workers and 26 Medical Doctors
17. Development of the 3Arms Zone
18. Re-construction of the SSG’s Office
19. Establishment of Gold Shop in Minna for gold development and value chain.
20. Procurement of 15No Compactor Refuse Collection Van
2024 Budget
6. Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, the preparation of the 2024 Budget commenced with Citizens”’ Engagement (Town Hall Meetings) in six locations across the 3 Senatorial zones of the State: Minna, Kutigi, Katcha, Kuta, Mariga and Agwara of which 355 project ideas and requests were harvested from stakeholders. The sessions were attended by Civil Society and Faith-Based Organisations; Women and Youth Organisations; State and Local Government Officials; and Trade Unions among others. The harvested ideas were forwarded to relevant MDAs and Local Government Councils for inclusion in their 2024 Budget Proposals. The aim is to ensure inclusion and greater citizen participation in the budgeting process thereby entrenching openness, accountability and transparency as enunciated in the Open Governance Partnership (OGP) Initiative which Nigeria is a signatory and Niger State has keyed into.
7. Mr. Speaker, in pursuit of our transformation into building a New and sustainable Niger, the 2024 Budget will focus on the following priority areas:
Urban Renewal and Rural Transformation, Security of Lives and Property, Infrastructural Development, Agriculture and Food Security, Education, Health; Water and Sanitation, Women and Children, Environmental Sustainability and People with Special Needs and Elderly Care.
8. The 2024 Budget will also focus on self-sufficiency through intensive internal revenue generation by exploring all available sources, blocking leakages and all revenue-generating MDAs to account for all revenue receipts. To this end, the practice of “generate and utilize” by all MDAs including tertiary institutions is hereby ABOLISHED. Mechanisms for the operation of this directive are being worked out as we diversify the State revenue base.
9. Mr. Speaker, we will reinvigorate our efforts in genuine public-private initiatives to attract both domestic and foreign direct investment into the state. We will key into the National Financing Framework, encourage Corporate Social Responsibility and facilitate the ease of doing business to encourage investors and industrialists to the State. Also, the intervention of Development Partners will continuously be effectively coordinated, monitored and evaluated to ensure maximum results.
The 2024 Revenue Profile
10. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, a total sum of N613, 274,081,698.17 has been proposed for the 2024 fiscal year. The proposal is made up of N149,217,969,152.00 representing 24.33% as recurrent expenditure and N464,056,832,546.60 or 75.67% of the total budget size as capital estimate. The budget is to be financed through Recurrent Revenue of N298,052,655,520.00 made up of:
1. Statutory Allocation – N155,963,711,064.00
2. Value Added Tax -N50,644,000,750.00
3. Internally Generated Revenue – N61,868,620,968.35
4. Excess Crude/Other Revenue –N9,576,322,737.00
5. SURE-P Refund ​​​-N20,000,000,000.00
Total: ​​N298,052,655,520.00
11. The Budget is also to be financed by Capital Receipts of N315,322,146,178.00 which is made up of N256,459,074,825.00 and N58,763,071,353.00 as loans and grants respectively. The Proposed 2024 Budget is based on the Economic and Fiscal Update (EFU), Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP) and Budget Statement (BPS) 2024 – 2026 as passed by this Honourable Assembly. The Budget will therefore be based on the following assumptions:
1. Expected N5.1billion monthly Internally Generated Revenue collection
2. Abolition of “generate and “utilize by all MDAs
3. Implementation of the State and Local Governments Harmonized Revenue Law
4. Automation of IGR Collection to block leakages
5. Introduction of 5% contract processing fees, entertainment on Hotels and Resorts among others.
6. A proposed Exchange Rate of N750 per USD
7. A projected National Inflation rate of 21.40% and GDP Growth rate of 3.78%
8. Crude oil price benchmark of US$65 and production benchmark of 1.60 million barrels/day
9. Expected Capital Receipt Inflow of N315,322,146,178.00
Expenditure Estimates
12. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, let me now present the details of the 2024 Budget Proposals. The proposed recurrent expenditure for the year 2024 fiscal year is N149,217,969,152.00 representing 24.33% of the budget which consists of the following:
1. Personnel Cost N50,614,456,657.11
2. Overhead Cost N29,446,590,341.00
3. Consolidated Revenue N69,156,922,153.39
​​Total ​​​N149,217,969,152
Capital Expenditure
13. The capital expenditure outlay for the year 2024 financial year is estimated to be N464,056,832,546.60 or 75.67% of the total budget size; with the following key projects and programs
Sectoral Breakdown
14. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, the transformation of a New and sustainable Niger State has commenced. We shall be methodical and pursue it with vigour to achieve the set-out objectives as we have identified our priorities and have mapped out implementation strategies. For us to achieve this laudable dream, the 2024 Proposed Budget is hereby themed ‘The Budget of the Future’ have higher proportion going to capital expenditure proposal of N N464,056,832,546.60 which represents 75.67% of the total budget will squarely address the following critical areas:
15. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, there is no gainsaying that land remains our greatest asset in the Niger State, this arable land with the presence of large water bodies makes our state agrarian. Therefore, we shall leverage on our comparative advantage to ensure food security by making sure that farmers have access to improved agricultural inputs, cultivation of more lands, extension services, provision of tractors and attract donor support to the agricultural sector. The government already earmarked funds for the buffer stock initiatives to purchase assorted grains to address food price fluctuations in the state.
16. In the 2024 fiscal year, the government will procure equipment and machinery including 300 units of MF375 Power Steering Tractors, and farm implements as well as fertilizers for farmer to engender farm level productivity. In addition we shall embark on massive development of 250,000 hectares of land for cultivation across the 25 LGAs. Furthermore, irrigation support will be provided to communities to ensure all-year farming activities as well as fertilizers for better yield. The Niger State Agricultural Mechanization Authority (NAMDA) will be repositioned to enable it effectively undertake its agricultural extension mandate and support farmers in all ramifications. To this end, we shall invest a sum of N43.5 billion Naira in the agricultural sector to attract at least one billion US Dollars of investment to the state in tandem with our commitment to maximise and fully harness our green economy potentials.
Rural Development
17. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, one of the key priorities of this administration is the transformation of our rural areas as the majority of the people in Niger State reside in the rural communities. This informed our decision to create the Ministry of Rural Development to resuscitate the Ward Development Project Initiative to accelerate rural development. Therefore, the sum of N6.8 billion is proposed for the implementation of community-driven development projects in our 274 political wards across the State.
18. The government will develop the Rural Infrastructure Master Plan to guide rural development planning in the state. Also in 2024, a total of 112 Km of rural feeder roads will be constructed, rehabilitated and surfaced across the State. Let me emphasize that in the year 2024, the provision of social amenities (electricity, primary health care facilities, primary schools and markets) in rural communities will receive the desired attention, to open up rural communities, and improve the living standard of the rural populace to enhance economic activities.
Livestock and Nomadic Affairs
19. Mr. Speaker, in the outgoing year, the Ministry of Nomadic and Pastoral Affairs was created to address challenges faced by pastoralists with efforts to bring to an end the lingering hostility between herdsmen and farmers. In 2024, the Government intends to establish a data bank for nomads and pastoralists in the state, we will construct milk collection centres across the State, establish pilot ranches and grazing reserves, establish community ranches at Hamdalla (Lapai LGA), Kungu Fulani ( Bosso LGA) and Rungan Ardo Sanda (Wushishi LGA). To this end, the sum of N700 million has been proposed for capital expenditure for the Ministry of Nomadic Affairs.
20. Also under the livestock sub-sector, as part of the deliberate efforts to avert farmers/herdsmen clashes, the gazetting of 5 additional Grazing reserves will be undertaken in collaboration with the Federal Government, the sum of N625.756Million has been earmarked for the development of Sheyi Grazing Reserves. The overhauling of Tagwai Livestock Improvement and Breeding Centre, Statewide vaccination of animals and the construction of Minna Ultra-Modern Abattoir, Tayi and Grade ‘C’ Abattoir at Kuta, Mokwa and Wushishi will be accorded priority. The Livestock Sub-sector has a proposed allocation of N13.663 billion in 2024.
Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Renewal
21. Mr. Speaker, in realization of the importance of infrastructure in societal development, the Government embarked on urban renewal projects and commenced road flagship projects in Minna and Bida. In the 2024 fiscal year, the Government will continue with the construction, rehabilitation, completion and maintenance of roads across the State. These include the reconstruction and expansion of township roads phases I & II in Minna, the 41km Bida Ring Road. Similarly, the construction 50km road each in Kontagora, Suleja and Bida will be undertaken, in addition to the construction of township roads in 17 Local Government Headquarters: namely Agaie, Enagi, Lemu, Katcha, Lapai, Kutigi, Nasko, Tafa, Shiroro, Mashegu, Mokwa, Sarkin Pawa, Kagara, and Paiko.
22. Distinguished Members, fellow Nigerlites, all necessary arrangements have been finalized for the commencement of the construction of the 71.5km Garatu – Kataregi – Bida road to be financed by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the Abu Dhabi Development Fund (ADF). Furthermore, in the 2024 fiscal year, the Government intends to embark on the following road projects: the completion of 41 km Minna and Suleja road, Tegina to Zungeru, Erena township road and Kontagora to Rijau, Dikko to Enagi roads among several others to be constructed. The completion of these road projects will ease traffic flow in the state, and reduce road accidents, cost of transportation, vehicle maintenance and ultimately travel time.
23. In the 2024 fiscal year, our drive for urban renewal will provide high-target digital instruments to the Niger State Geographic Information Service (NIGIS) and the Office of Surveyor General to enable them to carry out the responsibility of well-planned cities and towns across the State. The review of Minna and Suleja Master Plans and the development of rural master plans for Mokwa, Paiko, Kuta and Wushishi and payment of compensation to property owners whose property will be affected as a result of our urban renewal drive will be accorded priority.
24. Mr. Speaker, the government is committed to the completion of the 300-unit Housing Estate at Maikunkele and the re-development of the abandoned 3 Arms Zone Project as contractors have since mobilized to the site. Furthermore, in partnership with the private sector, we will be constructing 2,500 housing units across the state in the year 2024.
The infrastructure, lands, and Urban Renewal have a total proposed capital allocation of N220, 649,503,477.11 which represents 42% of the entire budget for 2024
25. In the 2024 fiscal year, the procured of 200 Units of CNG Buses will be put into use to alleviate transport challenges occasioned by fuel subsidy removal and to ease inter and intra-city mobility. The Civil Servants will commute to work at a subsidized rate while students will be transported to school free of charge.
26. Mr. Speaker, the government notes with concern the attitude of indiscriminate parking of heavy trucks in our cities and to this effect will embark on the construction of Trailer Parks at Mokwa, Madallah, Lambatta, Tegina and Kontagora with a budgetary provision of N5.155Billion. To further ensure safety, obeying traffic rules and revenue generation, the operations of the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency and the Traffic Management Agency will be enhanced through the engagement of qualified personnel, provision of operational equipment and a conducive office environment for better performance.
27. The government intends to invest and explore other means of transportation such as rail, air and water for improved socio-economic activities. To this end, we will purchase a 75hp Yamaha Engine for the Ferry at Rofia, construct a ferry at Guzzan and Rofia, and procure 3 Water Boats for Gbajiko, Zumba and Kuta. We will also procure life jackets for the safety of our people. We will continue to invest in the Minna airport to reposition it for agro exports and unlock the potential across the aviation value chain.
28. Mr. Speaker, the importance of electricity in the economic and social development of the people cannot be overemphasized. In 2024, we will pursue with vigour the completion of all ongoing rural electrification projects across the State, we will also provide electricity to Magama. Provision of transformers and maintenance of streetlights in Minna, Bida and Kontagora will be accorded priority. Also in the coming fiscal year, in partnership with the private sector, mini-grid (solar) and mini-hydro systems will be developed to improve power supply across the state. In 2024 we plan to extend access to electricity to at least 30,000 people.
Investment, Commerce and Tourism
29. Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, in our quest for a new and sustainable Niger, there is an urgent need to grow our economy as well as improve our revenue base. In this regard, we will embark on an industrialization drive, engage in genuine partnerships, and improve our ease of doing business to attract investors. To this end, the Niger State Investment Promotion Agency will be re-positioned for enhanced service delivery. We will pursue to a logical conclusion all the MOUs that were signed with pledges of investment that were made to the State.
30. Hospitality and tourism have become a goldmine, our administration is poised to create a first-class tourism industry given our state’s numerous tourist sites and rich cultural heritage. Therefore, we have earmarked the sum of N5 billion for the resuscitation and completion of the abandoned Minna Five (5) Star Hotel. We shall continue to support efforts aimed at preserving traditional festivals and State participation in national and international cultural festivals. In 2024, going by our projections in the sector, we are expecting at least 3 billion US dollars in investment.
Water Resources and Dams Development
31. The importance of water to human existence is unquantifiable. In the 2024 fiscal year, the Government will pursue the rehabilitation of 5 Biwater Schemes at Sabon Wuse, Kutigi, Salka, Takuti and Mariga. As part of our responsibility to provide portable drinking water to the people, we will rehabilitate 12 water works, and drill 333 boreholes to increase access to potable water for about 348,000 residents of the State.
32. The Niger State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency will be reinvigorated to enable it to perform the role of construction/drilling of boreholes in rural communities as the government will procure new drilling rigs and accessories at the cost of N300 Million. The Water Supply sub-sector has a proposed capital expenditure of N5,197,278,304.58
Environment and Climate Change
33. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, the issue of environmental management and the conservation of nature for the sake of the future generation is pivotal to this administration. This is demonstrated by convening the Green Economy Summit where environmental issues were discussed. Resulting from that Summit, Niger State Green Economy Blueprint was developed and launched during the COP28 Climate Change Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE. The government is committed to the implementation of the policy to ensure maximum utilization of our land assets and to set the pace for the carbon economy in the country.
34. In 2024, the Ministry of Environment will carry out various activities ranging from planting and maintenance of trees in settlements to demarcation of forest reserves, the distillation of mega drainage systems and waterways, in addition to undertaking erosion and flood control measures and ecological survey of erosion sites in the State. The government has mapped out strategies for massive tree planting across the state in the year 2024. Also, the Niger State Environmental Protection Agency (NISEPA) will be provided with waste compactor vans, operational vehicles, and Gully Emptier Trucks as part of efforts of ensuring a cleaner environment.
Solid Minerals
35. Mr. Speaker, as part of the efforts to maximize the benefits of our mineral endowments, the Government will continue to support the oil exploration in the Bida Basin. We shall continue to seek partnerships in exploration and provide effective coordination and regulation platforms on artisanal mining to boost our internal revenue drive. We will support the recently established international gold market to further enhance the opportunities for gold mining in the state.
36. The Education sub-sector has a proposed estimate of N76,276,508,605.59 in the 2024 fiscal year making it 14.55% of our total budget. We will build 95 Schools including 6 Mega Model Schools in Minna, Bida, Suleja, Bosso and Kontagora to increase access to quality education. Furthermore, 325 schools will be renovated including whole school development projects.
37. Kitchen utensils will be procured for 56 boarding schools in line with the enhanced school feeding initiative. Given the importance of technical and vocational education, the N1.512 billion is earmarked for the complete renovation and equipping of technical schools in Suleja, Kontagora and Jebba. The Government also earmarked the sum of N1.8 billion as a matching grant to UBEC and committed to the payment of counterpart funds to supported projects/programmes in the sector.
38. Similarly, continuous support will be extended to tertiary institutions to meet their accreditation requirements and infrastructural development. In our desire to increase access to tertiary education, the Niger State University of Education is being set up and has a proposed allocation of N20 billion for takeoff. Through our existing MoU with Kent State University, Ohio, we will set up the Niger State – Kent State Centre as a centre of fusion for tertiary education, special skills development, knowledge exchange and more. Furthermore, we are poised to provide scholarships for students at both local and international levels of academic pursuits.
Health Sub- Sector
39. The health sub-sector has a proposed budgetary allocation of N42.7 Billion. In our efforts to strengthen the Primary Healthcare system in the state, we created the Ministry of Primary Health Care. In 2024, the government will build 35 primary Healthcare Centres, and renovate, equip, and upgrade over 200 Primary Healthcare Centres across the 25 local government areas of the state. We will sustain and strengthen the existing partnerships with UNICEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other relevant partners to enhance the quality of health.
40. Mr. Speaker, in the area of Secondary Healthcare, the sum of N300Million is earmarked for upgrading six (6) Primary Healthcare Centres to Rural Hospitals at Katcha, Enagi, Sarkin Pawa, Agwara, Lemu and Mariga. In the year 2024, the completion of the ongoing re-modelling and upgrading of General Hospitals at Minna, Suleja, Kontagora and Tunga Magajiya will be pursued. The renovation and furnishing of other general hospitals at Bida, Agaie, Kagara, Kutigi and Mokwa will be undertaken.
41. Furthermore, the sum of N8,038,800,000.00 has been earmarked for the purchase of health equipment to be supplied to general hospitals across the state. Under tertiary healthcare, the sum of N2.253 billion has been allocated for the conversion of Shiroro Hotel to a Teaching Hospital and N968.751 million for the procurement and installation of essential medical equipment.
Social Development
42. The care for vulnerable and special needs people is paramount to this administration. Also, in our quest to empower women through our collaboration with the World Bank, the government will support the Nigeria for Women Project to scale up its intervention to the remaining 22 LGAs of the State following its impressive performance in the pilot LGAs of Agaie, Gurara and Wushishi. To this end, 123,120 women will receive grants as empowerment. The renovation and equipping of Women Skills Centres in the three (3) Senatorial Zones to enhance the training of vulnerable women will be carried out; the rehabilitation of Remand and Orphanage Homes will all be undertaken during the fiscal year. Also, in 2024, we will take care of the vulnerable among us where 50,000 vulnerable people will receive cash transfers, and 10,000 youth will receive social protection grants.
Youth and Sports Development
43. Mr. Speaker, the focus of the Government for youth and sports development to re-direction their energy to productive ventures away from restiveness will be pursued in 2024. Our emphasis during the year will be on training the youths of Niger State on Basic Empowerment for social transformation while renovation of Abdulsalam Youth Centre renovation of the NYSC Camp at Paiko will also be carried out. The government will embark on the renovation and upgrading of Bako Kontagora Memorial Stadium to enable our state darling team Niger Tornadoes to play its home games in Minna. Other sports centres such as the handball complex, and the construction of basketball and volleyball courts at M I Wushishi Housing Estate will also be undertaken.
44. In the 2024 fiscal year, the government will be equipping 1000 Youth with special skills across critical sectors of the economy through the Skills for the Future Initiative. These sectors include Agriculture, Aviation, Information Technology and Governance. The Trade Fair Complex will be converted into a multipurpose complex for sports and recreation and it will be named the Bola Tinubu Square (BTS).
Law and Justice Sector
45. The welfare and development of our Judges for quick dispensation of justice in the state will be a top priority of this administration. Therefore, the sum of N2.730 billion is proposed as capital expenditure and allocated for the Law and Justice Sector in the 2024 fiscal year. The completion of the Attorney General’s Office and Rent Tribunal Office Kontagora and the renovation of Rent Tribunal Offices in Minna and Suleja will be undertaken. A new Sharia Court of Appeal Complex and Khadis Quarters will be constructed at the 3 Arms Zone, in addition to renovation/re-modelling of court buildings across the State.
Administrative Sector
46. Mr. Speaker and Honorable Members, the successful implementation of any government policy and by extension annual appropriation depends on the role and calibre of the civil service. The government in this regard has proposed the sum of N16.846 billion for the renovation of offices to provide enabling environment, provision of office equipment and capacity building to enhance effective planning and execution of government policy and programmes. The sum of N3.90 Billion is also allocated for the construction and furnishing of offices and accommodation for development partners, construction of Administrative block and renovation of Government Guest Houses. The Niger State House of Assembly has a proposed N209 Million for the renovation of the complex and procurement of ICT equipment. Other activities in the administrative sector include the renovation and facelift of the State Secretariat Complex and the provision of primary internet to all MDAs, humanitarian, security, pilgrimage and disaster management in the state
47. Mr. Speaker, information dissemination is vital in any democratic environment for people to be enlightened and keyed into the government’s policies and programs that are beneficial to them. The Government is aware of the deplorable conditions of its State-owned media outfits (Radio Niger, Niger State Television and Newsline Newspapers) and is determined to revamp them to enable the media outfits to perform their traditional roles for effective information, education and entertainment.
48. Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members and Distinguished Nigerlites, we are at a threshold of evolving a NEW and SUSTAINABLE NIGER. This calls for cooperation and understanding of all. In the first quarter of 2024, we will launch our long-term, medium-term and all our sectoral plans. To achieve our vision, sustainability will be main-streamed into all our plans, particularly through our green economy initiative. All hands, therefore, must be on deck to ensure we succeed, and on this note, I have the honour and privilege to present to the 10th Niger State Assembly the 2024 Appropriation of 613,274,801,698.00 for legislative scrutiny and speedy passage.
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