Business Environment And Competitiveness
“A Dynamic Fast Growing Competitive Business Environment With A Productive Base That Would Be Ranked Among The Top Three State Economies In Nigeria By 2020”
To Empower The Private Sectors Operators To Be Transparent, Adhere To Due Process And Best Practices By 2020.
A. Reduce And Ease The Cost Of Doing Business In Niger State.

B. Empower The Businesses Through Patronage

C. Organize The Sector Into Trade Groups And Associations To Encourage Cooperation Among Them.

D. Support The Sectors’ Promotional Programmes And Encourage Social Responsibility.

E. Sustain And Promote Domestic Investments And Become An Important Link In National Supply Chain.

F. Reduce Business Related Corruption And Sharp Unethical Practices.

G. Attract Local And Foreign Investments.

Mandate Of Business Environment And Competitiveness
  • To Ensure That All Companies In Niger State Are Socially Responsible By 100% By 2020
  • To Achieve A Competitive Business Environment In Niger State By The Year 2020