Farmer Governor, Mohammed Umaru Bago has unveiled the new official seal of the State Government, marking a significant moment in the history of the State

In a statement, highlighting the features, significance, and importance of the seal initiated by Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago, the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the farmer Governor, Bologi Ibrahim, described the event as ceremonial, filled with pride and symbolism.

He said the new seal, which was meticulously crafted and designed, embodies the core values and aspirations of the government and its people.

According to him, the centerpiece of the seal is characterised by a political map of the State, underground and surface water bodies including Hydro dams, Agriculture, and mineral resources that abound in the State, a powerful emblem representing the federating unit and its people among the diverse communities that make up the largest black nation Nigeria.

He said that surrounding the centerpiece of the seal, are additional symbols each carrying its significance and meaning, rooted in the rich history and traditions of the largest state occupying ten percent of the landmass of Nigeria.

The Governor’s spokesman further explained that the seal serves as a visual representation of the government’s commitment to advancement, transparency, and inclusivity.

He said the colors, shapes, and symbols woven into the design, speak volumes about the values that farmer governor Umaru Bago upholds, and the direction in which he aims to lead the State.

The CPS observed that the seal is not merely a decorative emblem, but a powerful symbol that will grace official documents, buildings, and podiums, reminding all who see it of the unity and heritage of the State.

He said in the weeks and months to come, the new seal will become a familiar sight to citizens and visitors alike, a constant reminder of the values that shape the governance and the vision that propels the State forward.

The CPS said the unveiling of the new seal was met with applause and admiration from attendees.

According to him, the new seal stands as a testament to the past, a reflection of the present, and a beacon guiding the State towards a brighter future for all.

As the new government seal takes its place as a revered symbol of the state, the CPS called on all citizens to embrace it with pride and honour, knowing that it represents not just a government, but a people united in purpose and determined to build a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Bologi Ibrahim
Chief Press Secretary
to the Government of Niger state

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