Governor Bago’s Visits to Emirate Councils: What It All Means.
Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago is a student of History. His Excellency has studied the significance of the Emirates councils and has seen how they have always played a more than crucial role in the political development in many states especially in Northern Nigeria. The Emirate Councils were so effective in ensuring development, security and stability so that the erstwhile British Colonial Government understood to leave the royal structure intact.
Many centuries ago, the emirates remain symbols of authority for many who turn to them for wisdom and protection. This is why Governor Bago has identified the old institutions as a tool for improving security, developing agriculture, promoting economic prosperity and generally making the life of the people better.
In the estimation of Governor Bago, the purpose of the Emirate Councils goes beyond electioneering and settling scores between communities, this is why the Niger State Governor is out to return the glory of the Traditional Institutions and get them more involved in policy formulation and implementation that will ensure security and prosperity in the state.
Fresh from pilgrimage and straight from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Governor Bago stopped in the ancient city of Bida for the Sallah Durbar. But while durbar was what prompted the visit, the chief objective was to meet with the Etsu Nupe, HRH. Alh. Yahaya Abubakar and consult with the critical stakeholders on the policy directions of the new government especially as it concerns bridging the infrastructural deficit of the ancient town, improving security and promoting agriculture. Images of the Governor examining the Bida map while being advised by experts flooded the internet signaling a clear intent.
This similar consultation effort resumed the next day with His Excellency’s departure of Bida for Agaie, at the palace of the Emir, HRH. Alh. Yusuf Nuhu His Excellency promised to construct the first dual carriageway in Agaie as part of his urban renewal policy and to facilitate the establishment of more commercial banks, empower women and provide fertilizer as well as farm implements for increased food production.
Before the royal father of Lapai Emirate, HRH Alh. Umaru Bago Tafida, Gov. Bago called on the people of Lapai Emirate to always share security intelligence with relevant authorities in order to curtail insecurity in the Emirate as citizens play an integral part of sharing intelligence with the relevant organizations responsible for maintaining law and order to protect communities and prevent potential threats to lives and property.
Governor Bago was also at the Palace of Emir of Zazzau Suleja, Mallam. Muhammadu Awwal Ibrahim for Sallah homage and to reiterate his administration’s determination to fulfil its campaign promises for the growth and development of the state.
When he paid Sallah homage to the Emir of Borgu Barrister Muhammed Sani Haliru Dantoro IV at his Palace in New Bussa, Governor Umaru Bago noted down a number of requests including equipping the New Bussa General Hospital with modern equipment and increase the staff strength of the facility for efficient and effective service delivery and to assist in ensuring speedy completion and take-off of Shagunu Naval Base as it will boost security of the Emirate.
Governor Bago who wants to bring governance closer to the people at the grassroots state that discussions with the leadership of the Emirate on issues affecting the people ranging from insecurity and Water have advanced and efforts to support farmers with necessary tools that would increase yields and guarantee food security are in place and the emirate will also benefit from the urban renewal plan of the government.
In the royal palace of the Sarkin Sudan of Kontagora, Alh. Muhammad Barau Mu’azu II, Governor Bago committed to ensuring the Federal government contracts awarded for the reconstruction of Minna-Tegina and Tegina-Kontagora roads are completed.
In light of the recent robbery attack on the palace cashier, in the Capital, Minna, the sallah homage to the royal father HRH, Alhaji Umar Farouk Bahago, was less cheerful which formed the basis for the visit. Governor Bago is determined to arrest and contain for good whatever kind of security concern that has troubled the capital in past few years and marching orders have been issued for the arrest of the criminals while security measures are being taken to prevent similar reoccurrences anywhere in the capital.
Similarly, Governor Bago advised the people of Kagara Emirate to be more security conscious by restricting their movement to allow the security operatives carry out their national assignment when he paid Sallah homage to the Emir of Kagara, Mallam Ahmed Attahiru ll at his palace in Kagara as he rounded up his emirate tour. His Excellency noted that the town, affected by banditry attacks and that the restriction of movement would help the security operatives in cambating the menace.
According to him, “a lot of our rural dwellers do a lot of occupation in the hinterland and you find them gathering for weddings and on market days which is not very good for this situation as it affects security surveillance and operation while announcing that the administration will ensure the construction of a dual carriageway in Kagara, in line with his urban renewal policy and also ensure the reconstruction of Minna/Tegina road.
Abdulberqy U. Ebbo is the special Adviser to the Governor on Digital Communications.
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