Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago Announces the Distribution of 5.23 Billion Naira in Food and Cash Aid to Support Residents of Niger State.
Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago Announces the Distribution of 5.23 Billion Naira in Food and Cash Aid to Support Residents of Niger State.
Committee Membership
1. The committee automatically includes serving or former elected officials from various governmental, religious, and traditional institutions.
Purpose and Partisanship
2. The initiative focuses on the welfare of Nigerlites and operates in a completely non-partisan manner.
Implementation and Transmission
3. Committees will relay information and resources to their respective Wards, Local Governments (LGs), and Polling Units (PUs).
Budget Allocation
4. Niger State comprises 25 LGAs. Twenty-one of these will receive 10 million Naira each per Ward. Four specific LGAs (Chanchaga, Bida, Suleja, and Kontagora) will receive 20 million Naira each per Ward, totaling 3.22 billion Naira.
5. The detailed budget breakdown confirms a total of 3.22 billion Naira.
6. Traditional Institutions will receive 80 million Naira.
7. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) will receive 75 million Naira.
8. Logistics and security are allocated 110 million Naira.
9. Political parties will collectively share 150 million Naira.
Additional Contributions
10. Awaiting the arrival of 40,000 bags of maize from the federal government, worth 1 billion Naira, which will be distributed among 4,950 Polling units. Another 5 trucks of rice will also be coming from federal government.
11. The State Government will contribute an additional 10,000 bags of maize. (50,000 bags of maize in total).
Total Budget
12. The overall budget, including all contributions, stands at 5.23 billion Naira. An additional 230 million Naira will be added by the state government.
Repayment Plan
13. The funds are loans to be repaid over 20 months, with the Federal Government covering 42% and the State and Local Governments covering 58%.
14. Funds will be transferred to Local Government Council Accounts by Monday morning.
Local Decision Making
15. Local Government Committees will determine the food items to purchase based on the needs of each Ward.
Economic Impact
16. The decentralized distribution aims for timely and speedy dissemination of funds, stimulating the local economy with a direct injection of over 5.23 billion Naira.
Government Policy and Projects
17. Support for the current government is encouraged, as numerous projects are on track. The government has just signed the contract for state urban renewal projects, starting from Minna and Bida, followed by Suleja and Kontagora. Additionally, about 556 km of roads will be constructed across the state over the next four years.
18. A bursary for tertiary students in the state will be revived to ease the financial burden on parents.
19. Receipt of five trucks of rice per Ward is confirmed.
20. An additional 2 billion Naira is expected from the Federal Government.
21. The Niger State Government will advance the 2 billion Naira pending federal government repayment.
22. Distribution templates have been established and must be adhered to.
23. Public officials are required to return to their communities for the distribution exercise.
24. Public holidays are declared on September 6th, 7th, and 8th (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) for palliative distribution; officials must ensure grassroots delivery.
25. Procurement is underway for 200 CNG-operated luxurious buses.
26. Free public transport will be available for all students in Niger State, both public and private.
27. Discounted transport rates for Civil Servants will be effective before December 2023.
28. Bus allocation: 100 for the Suleja-Abuja route, 50 for Minna, and the remaining 50 distributed among other LGAs.
29. The Ministries of Land and Agriculture are directed to allocate 10,000 hectares of arable land per LGA for cultivation; the target is allocate 250,000 hectares by December 2023.
30. Farm machinery procurement is in progress.
31. The pilot program will employ 500,000 young people in the agricultural sector.
32. The initiative will also employ 400,000 women as Shea nut pickers.
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