Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago was received by the Moroccan Ambassador to Nigeria, Moha Ou Ali Tagma at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, Abuja, in his determination to ensure a remarkable development of the state.
The visit was necessary, considering the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco has made significant advancements in agricultural technology and practices, hence Governor Umaru Bago noted that collaboration in this sector can help improve agricultural productivity, promote sustainable farming methods and enhance food security in the state.
The Governor believes that the partnership will also help in the area of education and health thereby promoting educational exchanges and cultural programmes to foster understanding, knowledge sharing and human capital development as well as share experiences in healthcare delivery, medical training and disease prevention.
Other areas that the partnership will mutually benefit both parties are energy and railway transport with a view to fast-tracking the growth and development of the state.
The strong foundation about to be created between Niger State and the Kingdom of Morocco would bring about a sustainable growth, knowledge sharing and improved quality of life for their respective populations.
The Moroccan Ambassador to Nigeria Moha Ou Ali Tagma expressed delight for the visit and advocated the need for the Governor and some key government officials to pay an official visit to the Kingdom of Morocco for first hand information about the development of various spheres of its economy.
He commended Governor Umaru Bago for his efforts and pledged the support of the Kingdom of Morocco to Niger state.
The Governor was in company of some top government officials during the visit.
Bologi Ibrahim
Chief Press Secretary
to the Governor of Niger State.
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