How Mohammed Umar Bago will deliver a new Niger state

Good and inclusive governance as well as people’s trust are, perhaps, the most important factors in attaining the socioeconomic development of any society. The imperative is such that they guarantee stability, prosperity, and collective well-being of the people.

For a leader to establish good and inclusive governance that earns people’s trust, he must come to power with vision, courage, tolerance, humility, and hard work. This is from the prism through which the executive governor of Niger state, Mohammed Umar Bago, is clearly approaching his administration.

After a triumphant entry and assumption of office as the 6th executive governor of the state, Mohammed Umar Bago is aware that earning the trust of the people he governs will not only be vital to his success but that all campaign promises must be delivered to sustain that trust, while also avoiding the mistakes of his predecessors.

Given the size, diversity, and development challenges of Niger state, the herculean task of spearheading the affairs of the state is enormous but surmountable. In order to confront these challenges, Governor Mohammed Umar Bago rolled out the policy thrust of his administration. The policy thrust and roadmap target a transformation programme that will help accelerate good governance, overcome obstacles, and harness the full potential of the state to spur inclusive growth, support economic transformation, promote development, and improve the socioeconomic conditions of the people.

During his inauguration address, the governor listed security, agriculture, education, commerce, tourism, health, infrastructural development, and women and youth empowerment as the priorities of his administration.

It is said that no meaningful development can be achieved in an insecure environment. This is why security tops the agenda of the new administration. The state’s development agenda highlights insecurity as the most compelling task ahead of the government. “We will tackle security challenges bedeviling the state with the intensity and urgency it deserves,” Governor Bago assured in his inauguration address.

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