Imani city gets two new 500kva 33line transformers
Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago, in his dedication to grow small businesses, particularly since many rely on electricity to grow, took an unprecedented step by clearing a backlog of approximately N600 million owed to AEDC.
For the first time in several years, the state government now has a clean slate in terms of outstanding payments to the electricity supply company.
Furthermore, Governor Bago is actively addressing the issue of persistent darkness in certain areas by supplying transformers. One such area is Imani City, Minna, which had endured nearly 90 days without power, severely impacting local businesses. The governor not only replaced the transformer but also provided two 500kva 33line units to improve stability and prevent overloading.
Boosting the local economy is a major accomplishment in governance.
Bago is building a #NewNiger
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