Niger State Governor to traders: No Market on Suleja-Madala Road
Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago has ordered that anyone found selling along the suleja-madala road would henceforth be arrested and prosecuted for breaking a law.
The Governor, who insisted the road is no longer a trading post or market centre for anyone, also maintained thet cars parked along the road would equally be impounded/confiscated to serve as deterrence to defaulters.
Governor Bago gave this instruction as his second executive order upon assumption of office.
According to him, the goal is to ensure that traffic is not disturbed along the Suleja-Abuja highway where the market is situated.
He clarified that while plans are underway to relocate the market to a nearby location, traders and business people should not be allowed to endanger their own lives by plying their wares along the expressway.
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