Niger State Governor, farmer Mohammed Umaru Bago has called on Nigerians, especially residents of the State to renew their commitment and uphold the principles of Democracy.

The farmer Governor made the call in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary Bologi Ibrahim, to celebrate this year’s Democracy Day.

He said Democracy Day celebration symbolises the victory of the collective will of the people over dictatorship and oppression, explaining that Democracy has indeed attained a significant milestone in the history of the country.

The farmer Governor observed that Democracy Day also reminds every patriotic Nigerian of the struggles, sacrifices, aspirations, and resilience of Nigerians, who have continued to demonstrate their commitment to Democracy through their participation in elections, advocacy for human rights, and defense of the rule of law.

He further stated that Democracy has facilitated greater transparency and accountability in governance, multi-party system which has led to vibrant political competition, expression of diverse viewpoints and increased civic engagement among others.

The farmer Governor, however, expressed concern about how despite all the achievements in Democracy, Nigeria has continued to grapple with numerous challenges such as Electoral violence, insecurity, ethnic and religious intolerance as well as economic hardship which are hampering the growth and development of Democracy in the country.

He tasked Nigerians to use this period to reflect on the progress made, challenges being faced and deepen Democratic ideals for a stronger Democracy, pointing out that doing so would require a renewed commitment and collective efforts from all and sundry.

The farmer Governor also advocated continuous electoral reforms, strengthening democratic institutions, promoting youth and women’s participation in politics, investing in education and youth empowerment, as well as addressing socio-economic challenges which are crucial to the advancement of Democracy in Nigeria.

According to him, “As we celebrate Democracy Day, let us honour the sacrifices of past heroes and heroines who fought for Democracy and our freedom”.

He then assured the people of the State of his unwavering commitment and determination for a secure, transformed and prosperous State in line with the New Niger agenda of the farmer Governor


Bologi Ibrahim

Chief Press Secretary

to the Governor of Niger State


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